Our lives seem to get busier each day and we know that for many reasons, it can be difficult to make it into a clinical office. Teletherapy, also known as video counseling, is a way to engage with your therapist when you cannot be physically present. It enables you to miss fewer appointments and ensures you keep moving forward in your treatment. This is especially helpful during our snowy winter months in Spokane.

Teletherapy can be used to augment individual, couples or family therapy, and is now sometimes covered by insurance but you must contact them to ensure they do prior to scheduling.  

My clinically based teletherapy is ONLY available if you reside in Washington State due to the requirements of my professional licensure. If you reside out of Washington State we can do  telecoaching, But please note, they are two separate and different methods to accomplish change and involve different processes. We can discuss this further if you are interested.

Sonya DeWitt Counseling Consulting