Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Not all issues need counseling.  At DeWitt Counseling & Consulting, my coaching services are a means where I help you develop the psychological and emotional tools required not just for career success, but for success in communication in all aspects of your life!  You don’t need a diagnosis to focus on improvement and satisfaction in your relationships or career.

I am also a certified hypnotherapist and use 5-Path and 7 Path techniques that are extremely effective and can provide nearly immediate results.

Working in partnership with you, I will help you explore your internal motivations and discover your true passions. I will also train you to identify personality types and how to communicate effectively with them in order to develop true business and personal success.  Then, you will formulate appropriate goals and identify the manageable stages needed to realize them. You will also learn to identify and overcome both external and internal stumbling blocks.  As you progress, I will act as a powerful source of encouragement, challenging you to reach your potential and stay to true to your aims.


Sonya DeWitt Counseling Consulting