I’m sorry, I’m too busy to have any fun anymore.  I’m busy being a super mom, wife, lover, friend, coach, cook, chef, tutor, taxi, and last but not least, an upbeat, inspired, happy person that people just love to be around.  But inside I’m dead dog tired.  Phew!  No one told me this was what a happy marriage looked like.  No one told me that the beautiful Cinderella I once was in my wedding dress will disappear under layers of to do’s and buried under blankets of other people’s needs.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all and be all to everyone around me.  No wonder I’m not interested in sex and feel like a wet dishrag by the end of the day.  And don’t even get me started if you are a single mom!  Holy crap!  I can’t even imagine.

If you feel like this- join the party!  You have earned the right to say STOP!!!  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Welcome to mass marketing success.  Marriage is not a Cinderella story.  Disney lied to us!  You have been sold a bunch of myths that push you to do more, buy more and be an endless consumer of fantasy living.  Hey folks, we have to keep this economy running at full speed.  In order to do that and be competitive, you have to run, shove, push and pressure yourself to be as good as the pictures you see on Pinterest.  Everyone else is doing it so I have to right!  Well, no you don’t.  I hereby give you permission to quit the rat race of endless expectations of perfection.   Woah!  Really?  Yes!  The truth is you have to prioritize.  That means saying no to some things so you can find your soul again.  Take turns with another soccer mom to drive the kids to sports, have the kids help you prepare meals in advance and put them in the freezer.  Find ways to give yourself an hour here and there to stop and breathe.  If you don’t you will crack and be good to no-one.  You must prioritize self care.  It’s as important as dinner.  You have to find solace in something during the day to stay connected to yourself and internal sanity.  If you don’t, you place yourself at risk of losing everything you are working tirelessly to maintain.

Have an awesome day!